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Friendly, informed, cost effective solutions to all your travel needs

For over 20 years Flightsbiz have been helping smaller businesses and independent travellers to find the right flights at the right time and for the right cost.

By understanding each client's needs they have been able to offer competitive prices that offer significant savings on typical High Street prices while delivering a customised and tailored travel itinerary. Customers have travelled where, and when, they want.

Some of our customers have told us that they have contacted other travel companies to find out the 'special offer' no longer applies, has been replaced with something rather more expensive or have simply been given the first flight that has appeared on the screen. Our friendly and experienced travel consultants always enjoy a challenge and treat each enquiry as just that! They use a mixture of computer technology, travel industry expertise and understanding of your particular travel needs to find a solution that is just right for you.

Flights, while a key part, are not the only component of any itinerary. Flightsbiz can also offer hotels, car hire, and train tickets to deliver a complete travel package. Set us a challenge and judge us on how well we meet it!